Dare to identify the areas in your life that are lacking and boldly pray about your biggest dreams so that you can live the fullest life God has for you.

Often we look at our job, relationship, and family, and think that there has to be something more than the day to day mundane routine. That’s because there is.

Believers may feel that they should settle for the status quo rather than asking God’s best for them. Pastor David urges Christians to not feel guilty about being unhappy with their lives but to use that dissatisfaction to fuel an audacious prayer life that says, “God, I want more!”

When the world offered David a rusty green bike at seven years old, after he prayed for and dreamed about an orange bike, David had the audacity to dismiss the green bike. He thought that God must have meant that one for someone else, and he held out for the bike that he felt God intended for him. When his orange bike showed up at his feet weeks later, God’s providence rocked David to his core. It inspired him to always hold out for the dreams that God has for him instead of settling for what the world offers. Because only when we rethink the lives we have, audaciously asking God for more, will he miraculously reveal to us our wildest dreams.

What's Inside

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